With oXwoo click to call, your visitors can call or message you in a click. It’s a great way to boost your service, sales and speak to your customers.

You have a great website, yet the majority of your visitors leave without ever saying hello. Many of them don’t call your phones (especially if they are overseas) and don’t fill out your contact form. With oXwoo Free Call you will get more inquiries from your site and increase sales.

With oXwoo Free Call, any visitor to your site can immediately call you from anywhere in the world, in one click!

oXwoo Free Call is designed to keep customers focused to initiate contact with you. It keeps them in their browser, on your site, focused to start a call with you.

oXwoo Free Call has become a top recommendation of consulting companies to website owners of hotels, local businesses, advisers, service providers, E-commerce sites and Corporate companies.

  • oXwoo ‘Click to Call’ absolutely free to all visitors

    A simple icon is installed on your site available on every page, the visitor can simply click this and be connected to the destination set by you. This can be mobile, switchboard or even a field representative the choice is yours and each call be selectively diverted depending on the time and day.

  • Receive visitor calls straight to your mobile or landline phone

    When you receive the call you will see the location of the caller/visitor (only when received on a PC). The call is as clear as a normal voice call, we route the call via our carrier grade connections. You will know its a call from your website so you can greet the caller accordingly. Switch on call recording to either comply with regulations or to simply have a record of the conversation.

  • Service installed within hours

    The feature is easily added to any website either by your administrator or our team you decide. We simply take a few details, generate the code and simply instal this. Within a matter of hours your up and running and ready to take calls from any website visitor.

oXwoo ‘Click to Call’ pricing

Note: The setup charges are for code generation for your webmaster to install in your website, we are happy to quote for full installation and commissioning services at your request. Prices start from only £149.99.