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Getting started

What is oXwoo free call?
oXwoo free call is a simple and easy way to make high-quality, free & affordable national and international calls from any device. By creating an free account and registering you can use oXwoo free call straight away.

How does oXwoo free call work?
Registration for a oXwoo free call account is free and only takes a few minutes.
Once registered, it’s as simple as dialling your loved one’s number. Your call is immediately connected so you can start talking rather than spending all your time dialling like you might with an international calling card.

How much does oXwoo free call cost?
Registering & using oXwoo free call is FREE.

You add credit to your account and are only charged for minutes used – you will NEVER get hidden fees or connection charges like you do with some international phone calling cards. Your per minute rate for your call depends on your call destination, we have lots of destinations which you can call for free. Our rates are always up-to-date and displayed on our site, so please feel free to check out our rates at any time.

Are there any connection charges with oXwoo free call?
Unlike with lots of phone cards on the market, with oXwoo free call, you will never pay a connection fee to any call destination. If you’re looking to make international calls without any hidden fees, the answer is oXwoo free call.

Payment and accounts

How can I make a payment or “top up”?

  • Online — Via PayPal, debit or credit card
  • Cash at any Payzone, PayPoint or any global paysafecard stores.

For each TopUp you will receive a confirmation email/sms

What bundle options can do you have?
We have many bundles see our website for more details, each bundle will carry fixed amount of minutes and each time you make a call to the included destinations we deduct from your bundle. When your bundles are used you can topup and carry on calling at discounted rates. The amount of discount is propostional to your monthly bundle size, the more it is the more discount you will receive.

Whats the difference in bundle and out of bundle destinations?
At oXwoo free call, we think international and have created inclusive destinations like India, UK, USA to name a few that are included in your bundle purchase. We also allow you to make out-of-bundle calls on a PAYG basis but with discounts, the higher the bundle the higher the discount.
Our rates are very compatative at worst and you can get as much as 25% discount if you have a bundle for $10 or more.

Am I still charged if my call is unanswered or the line is engaged?
No. At oXwoo free call, we think that part of providing the best service is to make sure that you only pay for when you talk. We will never charge you unless you are successfully connected, and promise low rates and top quality once you are.

What other add-ons do you have?
We offer you a great one-stop service for all of your communication needs;

  • You can use our service from all devices
  • You can make free video, chat and voice calls
  • You can order local numbers (landline & mobile)
  • You can forward the numbers to your on-line or mobile account
  • You can send friends and family an email-link where through which they can contact you
  • We appreciate loyalty, the more you use the more discounts you get

We are introducing new features regularly and you will be notified when they are available!

Does using oXwoo free call use my free mobile minutes?
No, since our service can be run from any device, unlike mobile apps we don’t use any of your local mobile provider plan’s.

Do I need a phone to use oXwoo free call?
No! In addition to calling from landlines, mobiles and using our free service, oXwoo free call offers a non-downloadable PC/MAC dialler, so you can make low cost international calls using any PC. Your oXwoo free call account will be debited for the calls just as it would be using a mobile or landline, but you can do so without the need of any phone or telecom provider.

Can I use oXwoo free call abroad?
Of course! oXwoo free call can be accessed from any WiFi connection. You can forward your mobile to your on-line account and receive the calls for free.
Why can’t I connect to my intended destination?
Your destination number may be in a rural area where reception/connection is limited. There can also be technical faults which are out of our control.

How long will one bundle last for?
Each one of the bundles has a 30 day life. After 30 days, that purchase will expire and any minutes remaining will be forfeited.