Jinggling is now oXwoo

Through re-invention came change!

Jinggling is now oXwoo, we’ve changed not just our name but are offering more than just cheap international calling. With oXwoo you can now enjoy;

  • Free calls to any other oXwoo customer
  • Free calls to landline & mobile’s every month
  • Purchase minute bundles to your favourite destinations
  • Roam free of charge in any country without changing your calling plan
  • No download or install is required to use this new technology

With oXwoo nothing changes – the mobile phone, SIM card and number stays exactly the same!

In addition, you enjoy the benefits of your local bundled minutes by converting them to cheap international minutes. By adding this amazing technology we will guarantee to save you at least 50% when you making international or roaming calls compared to your existing provider.

We have come from a deep understanding of telecoms and have relationships with over 200 carriers, we have built the app to be your ‘dashboard’ of a very powerful switch and so can adapt to changes in the market place.